Kodak vs fuji case study analysis

However, what really happened at Kodak is much more complicated — and instructive. After decades of being an undisputed world leader in film photography, Kodak built the first digital camera back in

Kodak vs fuji case study analysis

How can Kodak protect its strategic advantage from competitors, especially Fuji? Both Domestically and Globally they need to capitalize on branding, Kodak is a household name when it comes to photographic products; they need to use this competitive and strategic advantage every time by marketing its value.

Domestically, the need to reinforce their relationships with retailers and key strategic allies, by providing them high quality innovate products at a reasonable price.

Kodak vs fuji case study analysis

They need to develop more strategic agreements such as the one negotiated with Costco to exclusively carry Kodak products in their stores, as well as maintain agreements with most of American Amusement parks, to guarantee that only Kodak film is sold on their premises and retail stores.

In the Global Arena they need to create region centric plans for mature and emerging markets. In mature markets such as Japan, the second biggest global market for photography and Europe, they need to extent their footprint by introducing innovate ways of distribution as well as fresh and reinvented products.

One way is to push their products, including disposable cameras, film and other accessories thru vending machines strategically located through amusement parks, historical sites, stadiums, etc.

A strategy that can be very successful in the other mature markets as well. In emerging markets, such as China, Brazil and India, where a camera can be a novelty, they should have a value proposition that includes the whole taking picture experience: This can be a very rewarding and long lasting experience for the consumer picture planet experience, www.

This will give them greater flexibility, especially to deal with price sensitive markets, economic crisis, trade issues and tariffs. They also need to incorporate to their own business model, some of the operational practices that makes Fuji such as strong competitor: In the technology forefront they need to stay ahead of the game, producing state of the art digital products and in this case joining forces with Fuji to defend their position in the market.

Also, they should concentrate on the low end of digital cameras and by products, which gave them very good sales results in the first quarter of 99, and work towards the continues improvement of this particular niche, which can be a great differentiator and give them a nice position over the newcomers in the space, HP, Sony, etc.

In the last decade the retail market in the Unites States has changed dramatically. Retailers are looking for high quality products at competitive prices in order to attract more consumers. This gave Fuji the opportunity to enter the American photographic market in the mid eighties.

In order to protect its strategic advantage from competitors such as Fuji, Kodak must: A recent study on digital camera market concludes that the shift in photography from film to digital is now in full force. How can Kodak anticipate market changes faster and react accordingly?

By staying at the cutting edge of technology and by studying the moves of the competition and trends of the market. Kodak learned a hard but valuable lesson with Fuji and experienced the change in consumer attitude, where value and convenience can easily shift consumer loyalty.

Under the new management, Kodak is aware of this factor and it has surrounded itself with talented individuals that can feel the pulse of the market. In Marketing, the new management changes show they are aware that thru effective marketing they can be drivers of new technologies, products and be first to market.

They need to take it a step further and make Marketing a top priority at the region-centric level, crafting the marketing plan according to the conditions of the markets and the needs and wants of the consumers.Kodak vs Fuji Case 1. KODAK vs FUJIa battle for global market share Section C – Group 8 Abhishek Anand Kunal Ahuja Nihit Jain Sanjay B K Vaibhav Kukreja Vaibhav Sathe.

Kodak vs fuji case study analysis

Kodak-Versus-Fuji Case Study. 0. Both Kodak and Fuji can also rest-assure that the global sale of digital equipment will increase due to the drop in price, popularity and demand among consumers for these new hi-tech gadgets.

If for some reason, any of these two firms decide not to devote the sufficient financial capital for research and. KODAK blog-mmorpg.com: THE BATTLE FOR GLOBAL MARKET SHARE by Thomas C. Finnerty Thomas C.

Finnerty is a doctoral candidate in the Doctoral of Professional Studies Program, Lubin School of Business, Pace University, New blog-mmorpg.com case was written under the supervision of Warren J.

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