Should teens be able to buy

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Should teens be able to buy

Teens Driving Cars | Berkeley Parents Network

Deciding on the best car for a teenage driver depends on who is doing the deciding — the teens or their parents. Girls like cute cars that reflect their personality and are practical — usually smaller and fun to drive.

Should teens be able to buy

They usually place less importance on performance and accessories than the guys. What Parents Want Parents want safe and dependable cars for their teens.

They also place importance on reliability and economy — low purchase cost, low operational cost, low maintenance cost, and low insurance cost. GPS technology provides the solution and is relatively inexpensive and simple to install.

Modern car safety features are primarily designed to help drivers avoid accidents, rather than simply helping them survive an accident that has already happened. See which features are most important in this informative article: However, older cars will generally be less reliable, may develop unexpected repair expenses, be less fuel efficient, have fewer safety features, and may not be as attractive as a newer model.

Cheap old cars with lots of miles should be considered with caution and care. Such cars can have expensive problems. On the other hand, insurance cost, routine maintenance, repairs, and taxes can be less for older cars. The older the car, the more important the inspection.

Insurance cost may not be significantly more than a similar used car, especially if the new model has improved safety features, such as stability control. Stability control should be a high priority on cars for teens, as should 4-wheel drive 4WD or all-wheel drive AWD in regions with bad winter weather.

Brand new cars that are being offered with promotional manufacturer incentives can easily cost less than late model used cars of the same makes and models.

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You can get free price quotes, which include incentives, on any new car from the following sources: Get quotes from all of them. However, used cars tend to have many of the same characteristics as new cars of the same make and model.

Just keep in mind that newer cars tend to have better safety equipment, better reliability, improved gas mileage, and, in some cases, lower insurance rates — because of improved safety and reliability.

Some older cars have high insurance rates because they are more often stolen for parts than new models. Honda Accords from the early s are a good example.

Although most of the following recommendations are for smaller, less expensive vehicles — which most teens and their parents prefer — some teenagers like to drive larger vehicles such as SUVs and trucks. These are certainly not all the cars that might meet the needs of teenage drivers and their parents, but are some of the most popular.

We have avoided suggesting vehicles with a history of poor reliability. Honda Civic — This is the one of the most popular cars among teens — and parents. This car has almost all of the qualities desired by both teens and parents: There are tons of accessories, custom appearance products, and performance options for the Honda Civic.

Honda also produces a fuel-efficient hybrid version of this vehicle, at a slightly higher cost. Used models of the Honda Civic are readily available, reliable, and hold their value very well. For a car with similar qualities, but larger with more interior room, consider the Honda Accord.

Honda Fit — This small 4-door hatchback is a winning combination of Honda reliability, comfort, interior space, features, and tons of air bags and safety equipment — and a whopping 35 miles per gallon of gas on the highway.

It is also safe and relatively cheap to insure and maintain.

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Toyota Corolla — This Toyota vehicle shares many of the characteristics of the Honda Civic and is a favorite among teenagers as both a new and used vehicle. Buyers of this vehicle, and others in our list, should consider getting the stability control option when available. If the Corolla is not quite large enough, look at the Toyota Camry, the best-selling car in America for the last few years.

For smaller car at a lower price, with great gas mileage, look at the Toyota Yaris. Insurance costs are very high for those models.

Take caution when buying used Mustangs that may have been driven hard and not properly maintained. Chevrolet Camaro — This is the latest version of a classic muscle car and is a competitor to the Ford Mustang, with similar cost, good looks, and plenty of styles and engine choices.

The manual transmission is popular with teens.As a result, children should be able to make decisions of increasing importance over time, making adjustments for poor decisions and especially good ones.

This should be to the end that, upon reaching 18, they can make their own decisions without making too many rookie mistakes. Teens should be able to buy/play violent video games.


I think it should be up to the teens and the parents if they want to play these games. I do not think playing these games make teens more violent in the real world.

I think they will be able to differentiate between the two realities.

Should teens be able to buy

Although many of the most violent games are rated “M” for mature, which means only 17 year olds are supposed to buy them, parents buy them for their children, or children who look seventeen.

Dec 04,  · Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. it’s nice for the child to be able to teach his or her parents about gaming. If you are one of the 18% of parents who plan to buy.

Should teens be able to buy violent video games is a controversial topic. Some people believe that teens should be able to buy violent video games. While others believe that teens of all ages shouldn’t be able to buy violent or dangerous video games.

Yes teens should be allowed to buy violent video games. I am supporting the buying of violent video games because many people with A.D.D and A.D.H.D who need a violent outlet look to video games for the answer and this is good because instead of focusing their anger and frustration toward people they can focus it on video games.

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