Software defined network phd thesis

However, while there has been a significant amount of research on video streaming over wireless, high-quality video over wireless remains an elusive goal.

Software defined network phd thesis

The purpose of this assignment is to develop skills to independently think of innovation. In this assignment students will first learn how to develop knowledge based on current state of the art of an emerging knowledge domain.

Then they will learn how to identify plausible security issues in this emerging technology and finally learn the skill of adding knowledge to existing domain by theoretically developing the corresponding protection mechanism for a particular issue.

Software defined network phd thesis

Description of the assessment: It is possible to centralize software logically in order to control the behaviour of the network. This phenomenon allows network operators to write high-level control programs to specifying the behaviour of the whole network.

This assignment includes four parts- 1. Identify three current or future security issues in SDN In this section you will identify three security issues.

These issues can be taken from current state of the art or could be evolved from your own independent innovative thinking. This section again must have to be supported Software defined network phd thesis at least two 2 references.

Develop theoretical security framework against one of the identified security issues in 2 In this part you need to add knowledge to the existing knowledge domain of SDN. You need to choose one of the issues identified in previous section and develop a theoretical security framework for this particular security issue.

Create a minutes presentation and present your work in front of big audiences. Software defined network Software Defined Network or SDN is a computer networking approach that allows managing the network services by the network managers.

The network services could be managed through high level functionality abstraction. Concept The concept of the Software Defined Networking is a vital and present day need of the architecture that purports to be manageable, dynamic, adaptable and cost-effective, seeks to be compatible and suitable for the dynamic nature and high-bandwidth nature of the applications of today.

These architectures enable Software defined network phd thesis network managers to decouple the network control, enable the control over the network and forwarding functions, so that the control is programmable directly and abstracting the underlying infrastructure from the network services and applications Feamster, When OpenFlow protocol is considered as foundational element to build the solutions of SDN, the architecture needs the following Al-Shaer, et al,Directly Programmable Since the network control is decoupled from the forwarding function, the network control can be programmable directly.

Centrally Managed Now the network intelligence can be centralized logically, in the SDN controllers that are software based and maintains a bird eye or global view of the network that look to be public and applications engines, as one logical switch.

Agile The network wide traffic flow now can be adjusted dynamically so that the changing needs and demands are met, as the administrators can adjust the traffic dynamically, through gaining abstract control from forwarding. Open Standards-based and Vendor-Neutral The SDN can simplify the design and operation of the network, when it is implemented by the open standards, as the necessary instructions can be given by the controllers of SDN, rather than multiple protocols and devices that are vendor-specific.

Programmatically Configured SDN allow the network managers to write the programs by themselves, to manage, configure, secure, and optimize the resources of the network, simply and quickly through automated and dynamic SDN programs, as these programs are independent from the proprietary software.

Open Standards-based and Vendor Neutral SDN would simplify the operation and network design, when it is implemented by open standards, since the instructions are given by the controllers of the SDN, instead of the vendor specific or multiple devices and protocols.

The driving needs for the SDN paradigm are the following. Dynamically Changing Patterns of Traffic The traffic patterns have got dynamically changed, within the data centre of the enterprise. Unlike the present client server applications, in which there is bulk communication happens in between the client and server, the present applications need to have access to various servers and databases, creating huge traffic in the present east-west and north-south traffic pattern.

In addition to that the users keep changing the patterns of the network traffic, to access applications and corporate content from various devices, trying to connect from anytime and anywhere. Hence, the managers of the enterprise data centres have been contemplating some utility computing models that may include public cloud, private cloud or hybrid cloud that in turn result in additional traffic across the WAN.

IT Consumerization The users of computer and mobile devices are employing the personal devices like tablets, smartphones and networks, increasingly, for accessing the corporate network.

It is a challenge for the IT to accommodate increasing personal devices, at the same time protecting the intellectual property and corporate data to meet the mandates of compliance. Cloud Services Incline Enterprises are enthusiastic in embrace the private and public cloud services that result in enormous growth of the same services.

They want agility for accessing infrastructure, application and other resources of IT, with increasing demand. However, planning is needed for increased companies, security and auditing requirements for cloud services, along with the considerations, business re0rgniazations and mergers that would change the assumptions dynamically.

There is a need for the elastic scaling for storage, network and computing resources, ideally with common suite of tools from common viewpoint. Big Data and More Bandwidth To handle the mega datasets or big data needed today, requires, huge parallel processing needed on thousands of servers and it demands direct connections among them.

The same need demands for additional network capacity of data centre. It has become a challenge to unimaginable levels of scaling the network, maintaining connectivity between any-to-any without breaking. Architecture and components The architecture of the Software Defined Network, as a high-level overview is shown in the following figure.

These applications may expose to the abstracted network control layer that offer one or more NBIs to higher levels through the respective agents of the NBI. SDN Datapath SDN Datapath is considered as a network device that logically exposes uncontented control and visibility over its data processing and advertised forwarding capabilities.Software Defined Radio Thesis Software Defined Radio Thesis offers creative and novel platform for research scholars and students to enhance their innovative ideas under the guidance of our experts and experienced professionals.

Many research scholars and students wish to select SDR in their research area due to its recent development and . Software Defined Networking Thesis is built for students of any department and research scholars. Thesis is a detailed summarization of the proposed novel ideas that have been studied in the research paper.

What can be an easy thesis/research topic for SDN (Software Defined Networking) for beginners in Masters? What are the future research sectors of software-defined networking? I am looking for a good idea for a master's proposal in SDN.

Software Defined Network Based TOR Network (SOR). Abdelhamid Elgzil. Design and develop bootstrap networks for TOR networks. Design and develop anonymous secure payment systems for SOR services.

Prof. Kung's advise on phd thesis research in detail. Jun 28,  · So the first question that the thesis wants to answer is “what exactly is a Software Defined Network and how does it relate to Overlay Networks in general?” Without knowing what is meant by a SDN, without defining the term before use, it’s just a term without a definition.

Software defined networking thesis involves creative ideas in networking. Software defined networking thesis supports information regarding routing and SDN network applications. Software defined network provides programmable interface to applications and control network performance.

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Software Defined Network