The different perspectives of cnn and fox news on the protest of colin kaepernick

Sunday, August 20, BlackOut protest movement seeks boycott of NFL over blacklisting of Kaepernick with video With the obvious and shameful blacklisting of Colin Kaepernick by the NFL's owners continuing, a protest movement is growing that aims to expose and push back at this.

The different perspectives of cnn and fox news on the protest of colin kaepernick

February 15, Politicizing Tragedy Once again, Republicans are out in force urging us not to politicize a mass shooting while wasting no time doing precisely that. Meanwhile, the ever unctuous Ted Cruz appears on Fox News to send his thoughts and prayers to an anxious nation, sermonize about the inevitability of evil, and, of course, take a few swipes at the Democrats: Cruz also asserted that President Barack Obama shared the blame for a mass shooting that killed 26 at a church in Sutherland Springs, Texas.

Posted by OHollern at 3: It got me hooked and made this blog one of my daily reads. After I started blogging here, Chuck tutored me along on how to use this platform. How do I go in and fix it? Oh well, such is life in our big dumb republic empire, and which Chuck, as a devotee of Richard Hofstadter, well understood.

There was a time when the US was the best educated country in the world. Before that, Tocqueville reported, there was a time when even illiterate citizens understood how their government worked and were full participants in its implementation.

But the American system has been about dumbing down the populace for several decades now. A process of dumbing down which the Bush-Cheney regime was more than happy to encourage and exploit, and their followers more than happy to go along with: Disappointed by their own self-evaluations, they seek validation by forcing everyone else to believe the same historical lies they believe, and blaming their failure on oppression by the elite, by which they mean the smart.

If you figured it out, my belief system would be shown to be foolish. It might be awful, but it will be interesting and provide loads of fodder for bloggers. Thank you and farewell, Chuck. Posted by OHollern at 7: Let him do it, from his Linked In page: I am currently a doctoral candidate in clinical psychology at the California Institute of Integral Studies.

After too many years in the software industry I found joy in teaching children to play chess.

The different perspectives of cnn and fox news on the protest of colin kaepernick

I get to work with, for, and around fascinating people who inspire me with their strength, resilience, and kindness. They will miss Chuck, and so do I. Posted by Jerome Doolittle at 3: Which of these spectacles most accurately embodies the degraded soul of contemporary America?

As such, it can plausibly be explained away as an outlier in the greater glory that is American culture. But the Superbowl, ah, the Super Bowl, that implicates us all.Kellerman is more likely than Smith to wholeheartedly defend the former N.F.L.

quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s protest against police brutality, for instance—and Smith has become quicker to. Fox 6 News Milwaukee NAACP leaders were joined by other advocates in the lobby of City Hall, arguing the Seattle Police Department is using too much force against demonstrators in recent marches.

The incident involving Hagopian, they say, is just one case that happened to be caught on camera. He pointed to the Colin Kaepernick story as an example of how the balance had been thrown off by the left in sports media.

Instead of having an honest discussion about the effectiveness of the protest and the negative effect that it had on the NFL, he found that major sports media figures spent their time talking about how heroic the former. - Transcripts

phred October 15, at pm. Comey’s reputation may finally be shattered for a broader audience, but anyone paying any attention at all to the Hospital Hero has known for years that the only reason he got the top job at FBI was due to his ass-covering skills for the guys that hire him.

But viewers of Fox News’ morning show, Fox & Friends, saw something very different. Co-hosts Steve Doocy, Ainsley Earhardt, and Brian Kilmeade spent the last hour of their broadcast alternatively downplaying the news and looking for potential outs for the president.

Colin Kaepernicks Girlfriend Nessa Diab Responds To National Anthem Protest In Twitter Statement. While some people are burning San Francisco 49ers jerseys over Colin Kaepernicks national anthem protest, his girlfriend, MTV host Nessa Diab, is supporting the quarterback.

Students Create Social Media Campaign To Draw National Attention To Unsolved Murders